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Many companies promise quality workmanship on their websites, with no evidence that they can deliver on their claims.  We’d like to offer you something more substantial.  First we’d like to tell you why we became different than other tile installation companies and then we would like to offer you proof.

Back when we were just a husband-and-wife installation team, most of our jobs were renovations to replace tile that had failed.  If it was a shower, usually water had penetrated the gypsum-based backerboards causing them to turn mushy and cracking the tile and grout.  If it was a kitchen floor, then the problem was almost always that the substrate was not strong enough to support tile.

Many times we found ourselves standing in front of a two-year-old shower, explaining to an unfortunate homeowner that the walls behind the tile were rotten beyond repair.  And many times the homeowner would look us directly in the eye and ask this question:

“If I hire you to rip out and replace my tile, how do I know this won’t happen again?”

It was this question that began our career-long practice of searching out the best techniques and products available, which are always specified by name on our written estimates.  To this day, we continue to live up to our reputation for excellence by employing artisan-level tile setters who share our passion for doing quality custom installation work. 

We are confident that we can deliver the best quality tile work possible.  As proof, we are pleased to share links to on-line technical data sheets for any of our materials or procedures so that you can see for yourself. Please send your questions by e-mail to

With highest regards,

Kip Sewell & Tracy Wheeler

Owners, Powerhouse Tile Ltd