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Getting Ready for the Tile Estimator

The fastest way to go over budget on a construction project is to change the plan once work has begun on your home -- materials that were purchased and installed would have to be removed, re-purchased and re-installed, increasing material costs and racking up hours of extra labour.  In order to give you an accurate estimate and keep your project on budget, you must be prepared to describe exactly what you want to the estimator.  Here are the things you need to decide before calling for an estimate:

What areas do you want tiled?  Do you just want a backsplash behind the counter or do you want the kitchen floor done too? Do you want the shower wall tile to end at the curb or do you want it to extend behind the toilet?  The answer to these questions will determine the amount of tile and related materials to be purchased.  Making a firm decision on the areas to be tiled will save you from paying restocking fees for returning tile, or from problems matching the dye-lot of the tile you have already purchased if you need to buy more.

What kind of tile do you want?  Tile is made in various sizes and shapes and out of many different materials -- porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal and a wide variety of natural stone.  The type of tile you choose will dictate the type of adhesives, substrate preparation and labour techniques for proper installation.  There is also a difference in the amount of maintenance these materials require to keep them looking good over the years.  Check out the maintenace section on our website for more information.

What patterns, layouts or inserted designs do you want?  Do you want the grout lines running parallel to the walls or at a 45 degree angle?  Do you want the tiles installed in a herringbone or a brick pattern?  Would you like a decor mosaic inserted in the middle of the entryway tile?  Some layouts and patterns create more off-cut waste than others, impacting tile quantities to be purchased.

What features or accessories do you want?  Do you want an electric heating system or a sound-proofing membrane in your new tile floor?  Would you like your new shower to double as a steam room or to have a curbless entry?  To avoid regrets and fully enjoy your new home or renovation for many years to come, take your time and be sure you have considered all your options before calling for an estimate. 

To get creative ideas, browse some architectural magazines or visit interior design websites such as  If you need help making creative choices, consider hiring a professional designer.  When you have determined the look you want, call us to make an appointment for a substrate inspection.  

During his visit, the estimator will take measurements and look at the current condition of the surfaces you want tiled.  This will give him all the information he needs to figure out how much tile, materials and labour it will take to make your vision a reality.  If you have not yet found the tile you want, ask the estimator for a list of tile showrooms so you can go see the products in person and finalize your selections.