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Tile Cleaning & Maintenance

Here are a few suggestions to help make cleaning easier and to protect the longevity of your tile work:

  • Always use plastic or natural bristled brushes. Never use metal or wire cleaning implements on any tile or stone product.
  • Make sure your mop can reach to the bottom of the grout line. We find a string yacht mop or plastic scrub brush works best.
  • Use a dry, clean, untreated dust mop regularly.
  • Always use a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner. Plastic or metal attachments can sometimes scratch stone tiles or chip ceramic ones.
  • Wash tile or stone with a mild neutral cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Cleaners formulated specifically for natural stone are available at most stores that sell flooring. Vinegar, lemon, or other acids are not advisable as they can destroy grout and etch stone over time.
  • Do not use products containing bleach, even if the product is supposedly formulated for tile.  For tough stains, contact Powerhouse Tile for free advice.
  • Squeegee shower tile after use to reduce mineral deposits. Open bathroom windows or keep fan on to keep mildew at bay.
  • Use a quality sealer on grout and natural stone to prevent staining. Re-apply sealer within the timeframe suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Many foods and drinks, including alcohol, contain substances that will etch stone. Keep coasters under glasses and mop up spills immediately.
  • Do not place hot items directly on stone surfaces.
  • Abrasion damage to natural stone can be minimized with the use of area rugs and mats inside and outside entrances.  Normally it takes about eight steps to shake the dirt from the bottom of one's shoes - make sure the rug is long enough and that the underside is a non-slip surface.